Dynamic disruptions and evolving digital technologies addressed with Kraft’s strong expertise in banking and technology

Kraft's strong expertise in banking and technology will be evolving digital technologies at banks. Kraft helps banks for embracing digital transformation to grow, compete and win. Banks are concentrating for digitalization due to customer expectations widely different and banks are putting footprint on critical demands, including:

  • Transparency
  • Automation across the entire IT infrastructure
  • End-to-end business processes
  • Improved UX and customer experience
  • Delivering new, innovative services to differentiate

  • Kraft can help you to overcome on modernization and strategically position for the future business growth. Kraft leverages your existing systems and readies you for future tech with the help of Software AG products. The products used by Kraft contains more advantage to help align IT, optimize automated processes, leverage data for real-time decision-making and action, cost-effective and agile digital bank.


    Kraft makes Manufacturing industry as Internet of Things (IoT) which has unlimited potential. Enable Digital transformation with superior customer experience as the key goal.

    Kraft helps Manufacturing businesses in their Digital transformational to make as superior customer across the market through continuous innovation, leveraging a combination.

    Digital manufacturing technologies allow manufacturers to optimize machine reliability and production, improve quality, and drive the creation of innovative business models.

    Digital technology solutions can help manufacturers become more responsive to their customers by making real-time from sensors and devices into actionable intelligence.


    Kraft provides digital technology that transforms operating models, improves customer experience and keeps client businesses relevant. Digitalization will make things move faster than fast. The pressure and demands from the customers are the major pain faced by service provider by market saturation, increased competition, complexity and regulations in day-to-day operations. To over come this Kraft provide solution on digital transformation. Kraft help to accelerate service providers by initiating the digital and customer-centric, using analytics and an agile, real-time platform. Service Provider can enhance the operations, streamline the process and automate by the help of Digitalization to the customer.


    Insurance industry has historically leveraged data and analytics to better assess risk. The Insurance industry faces huge challenges for increased transparency from clients. The need for Digital Transformation in insurance industry has come to make the ability to process huge amounts of real-world data to glean insights that can help streamline business processes, enhance customer service, and mitigate risk. Digitalization, pays off in time through lower ongoing operational costs and faster service.